Yazd Solar Farm
Solar farms EPC projects are one of our main fields
Submarine Power Cable
One of the best ways to connect islands to mainland
South Pars Gas Field
Power Distribution Networks O&M Projects.
Noravan 400 kv S/S
Armani’s third line substation in Noravan city
Renewable Energies
Combined solar and wind farm
Ahvaz 4 power plant electrical connection to Gotvand (400 KV T/L)
Asaluyeh 400 kv S/S
Asaluyeh 1000 MW powerplant 400/230/66 kv substation
NGL 1200 T/L
Terminal Tower and the next one.


HOTCO also is one of the best companies in its region of activities in the field of power distribution networks EPC project, renewing and upgrading the existing distribution networks, power loss reduction projects and so on.

One of the most important issues in the distribution networks is high power loss, which mainly is because of old network equipment, long distances between grid and consumers in distribution networks, using old technologies and etc. so HOTCO has focused on this issue since couple of years ago.

Power loss studies, providing integrated solutions according to the latest knowledge and technologies, supplying low loss equipment and execution of EPC projects in this field is one of our main capabilities in distribution networks. These days we are working on some power loss reduction projects in Iraq and Afghanistan and we hope the result can convince many other clients to work on reducing power loss in distribution networks.

In this regard, HOTCO has equipped a very high standard department for Power Distribution Networks with very educated and experienced engineers and technicians in this field and has signed several agreements with some local Universities and Research Centres to work on upgrading distribution networks and power loss reduction solutions.

As the distribution networks in Iran and most of our neighbour countries are very old and sometimes out of order and this problem causes many issues in providing a safe and steady electricity for consumers, HOTCO has focused on this matter and is getting ready for participating in distribution networks renewal in EPCF or BOT bases so we really welcome any investor or financer to participate in these kind of projects together.



Power transmission lines and substations have been the main field of HOTO activities during these two decades from its establishment. Most of our completed projects are electrification of oil and gas fields, petrochemical and industrial plants, factories and etc via high voltage transmission lines and substations.

Some main parts of Iran National Grid in the voltage of 400 kv or 230 kv transmission lines and substations such as Ahwaz-Masjed soleyman 400kv line, Fasa-Asaluyeh 400 kv line, Ahwaz-Gotvand 400 kv line and so many other similar projects are executed by HOTCO.

HOTCO has a very brilliant experience in oil and gas fields and plants electrification such as Homa-Shanol oil field, Aghar-Dalan oil field, NGL 1200 and 1300 petrochemical plants and so on.

Along with above mentioned projects in Iran, HOTCO has a very good experience in CIS countries such as Iran-Armenia third transmission 400 kv transmission line and Armenia (Noravan) 400/220 kv substation.

With all these projects, HOTCO has introduced itself as a pioneer company in this field in these regions and is ready to repeat its successful career in similar projects.

Upgrading the existing lines and substations along with working on smart grids is one the most important duties of this section in HOTCO. These days HOTCO is very active in African Countries market and Afghanistan as well to get some transmission lines and substations projects there with the help of our local partners.

Our references in the past regional and international tenders shows that we have a very good ability in providing very competitive prices and technical proposal in this fields.


Green Energies are the future of energy industries so HOTCO has focused on this field of activities since couple of years ago HOTCO started its work in this field with a small solar EPC project (Isfahan Regional Electric Company Photovoltaic Systems) and after that began to organize green energies department in its organizational structure.

According to Iran’s development plan, MOE has to install about 5,000 MW renewable energy plants in the country annually so it is a very huge market here in Iran for investment in this field.

Because of above mentioned reason and Iran’s excellent geographical potential for solar and wind farms, many famous and large international companies are really interested in investing in this field in Iran and we are ready to welcome them and participate in these kind of projects as their local partner.

For encouraging foreign and local companies and investors, there would be a chance for exporting generated power in renewable energy fields to neighbor countries so these kind of projects can be very considerable for international investors.

As renewable energies such as solar and wind are newer than the most of other kind of energise, their technologies are new as well so they are growing too fast and if someone is going to be active in these fields should be very UpToDate, in this regard, Renewable Energy Department in HOTCO is very aware and follows latest technological achievements and tries to be updated in this field.

Because of a very huge and fast growing solar and wind power generation market in Iran, manufacturing or trading of solar cells and panels, wind turbines, invertors and so many other equipment used in these fields are very serious and big businesses for many companies such as HOTCO who is seeking for good international manufacturers to have partnership or representative agreement with them.

These days we are working on two power plants in Sistan Province in Iran with MBN co.(one of our strategic partners). One of them is a 10 MW solar power plant and the other is a 10 MW wind power plant. Now we are in site selection and engineering stage and we hope we can start execution of both of them in coming months.


At this period of time which the world is involving with COVID-19, automation, IT industries ant telecommunication facilities are getting more important as ever.

These days industries are getting more and more interested in doing their works automatically and remotely exactly like people who prefer work from home Trying new kind of working and thinking leads people and industries to a new world which is build on ICT basis so every active company should be ready for this new situation and make his way through this path.

On the other hand, social media, distance communication by voice and video and so many other facilities like these have been a main part of people lives all over the world so engineering companies have to work in these field to save their market share.

Regarding to above mentioned situation, HOTCO has decided to expand its area of activities and organize a new section with very experienced and well trained engineers to participate in these kind of projects, ICT & Automation Department in HOTCO is working on new ICT technologies, IOT and automation projects as well as older and ordinary industrial automation projects.

At the time being we are working on some automation projects in power sector and an ICT project for local mobile phone network providers and negotiating with some leading international companies in these fields for providing integrated solutions for industrial projects.

Being one of the best and pioneer companies in the field of ICT and automation EPC projects is one of the main targets in HOTCO strategic plan which is the main duty of its R&D Office.