Yazd Solar Farm
Solar farms EPC projects are one of our main fields
Submarine Power Cable
One of the best ways to connect islands to mainland
South Pars Gas Field
Power Distribution Networks O&M Projects.
Noravan 400 kv S/S
Armani’s third line substation in Noravan city
Renewable Energies
Combined solar and wind farm
Ahvaz 4 power plant electrical connection to Gotvand (400 KV T/L)
Asaluyeh 400 kv S/S
Asaluyeh 1000 MW powerplant 400/230/66 kv substation
NGL 1200 T/L
Terminal Tower and the next one.


Green Energies are the future of energy industries so HOTCO has focused on this field of activities since couple of years ago HOTCO started its work in this field with a small solar EPC project (Isfahan Regional Electric Company Photovoltaic Systems) and after that began to organize green energies department in its organizational structure.

According to Iran’s development plan, MOE has to install about 5,000 MW renewable energy plants in the country annually so it is a very huge market here in Iran for investment in this field.

Because of above mentioned reason and Iran’s excellent geographical potential for solar and wind farms, many famous and large international companies are really interested in investing in this field in Iran and we are ready to welcome them and participate in these kind of projects as their local partner.

For encouraging foreign and local companies and investors, there would be a chance for exporting generated power in renewable energy fields to neighbor countries so these kind of projects can be very considerable for international investors.

As renewable energies such as solar and wind are newer than the most of other kind of energise, their technologies are new as well so they are growing too fast and if someone is going to be active in these fields should be very UpToDate, in this regard, Renewable Energy Department in HOTCO is very aware and follows latest technological achievements and tries to be updated in this field.

Because of a very huge and fast growing solar and wind power generation market in Iran, manufacturing or trading of solar cells and panels, wind turbines, invertors and so many other equipment used in these fields are very serious and big businesses for many companies such as HOTCO who is seeking for good international manufacturers to have partnership or representative agreement with them.

These days we are working on two power plants in Sistan Province in Iran with MBN co.(one of our strategic partners). One of them is a 10 MW solar power plant and the other is a 10 MW wind power plant. Now we are in site selection and engineering stage and we hope we can start execution of both of them in coming months.