Yazd Solar Farm
Solar farms EPC projects are one of our main fields
Submarine Power Cable
One of the best ways to connect islands to mainland
South Pars Gas Field
Power Distribution Networks O&M Projects.
Noravan 400 kv S/S
Armani’s third line substation in Noravan city
Renewable Energies
Combined solar and wind farm
Ahvaz 4 power plant electrical connection to Gotvand (400 KV T/L)
Asaluyeh 400 kv S/S
Asaluyeh 1000 MW powerplant 400/230/66 kv substation
NGL 1200 T/L
Terminal Tower and the next one.


At this period of time which the world is involving with COVID-19, automation, IT industries ant telecommunication facilities are getting more important as ever.

These days industries are getting more and more interested in doing their works automatically and remotely exactly like people who prefer work from home Trying new kind of working and thinking leads people and industries to a new world which is build on ICT basis so every active company should be ready for this new situation and make his way through this path.

On the other hand, social media, distance communication by voice and video and so many other facilities like these have been a main part of people lives all over the world so engineering companies have to work in these field to save their market share.

Regarding to above mentioned situation, HOTCO has decided to expand its area of activities and organize a new section with very experienced and well trained engineers to participate in these kind of projects, ICT & Automation Department in HOTCO is working on new ICT technologies, IOT and automation projects as well as older and ordinary industrial automation projects.

At the time being we are working on some automation projects in power sector and an ICT project for local mobile phone network providers and negotiating with some leading international companies in these fields for providing integrated solutions for industrial projects.

Being one of the best and pioneer companies in the field of ICT and automation EPC projects is one of the main targets in HOTCO strategic plan which is the main duty of its R&D Office.