Yazd Solar Farm
Solar farms EPC projects are one of our main fields
Submarine Power Cable
One of the best ways to connect islands to mainland
South Pars Gas Field
Power Distribution Networks O&M Projects.
Noravan 400 kv S/S
Armani’s third line substation in Noravan city
Renewable Energies
Combined solar and wind farm
Ahvaz 4 power plant electrical connection to Gotvand (400 KV T/L)
Asaluyeh 400 kv S/S
Asaluyeh 1000 MW powerplant 400/230/66 kv substation
NGL 1200 T/L
Terminal Tower and the next one.


Project management is an indispensable phase in the contract execution process. In fact, all generali­ties and details of project phases are managed and directed through the work scope and the contract terms.
At HOTCO, there is a project department aimed at managing and executing contracts.
This department is responsible for controlling, managing, and completing projects until the substantial and final completion date and within the contract time schedule and terms. The project department has so far been efficient in performing relevant tasks and achieving project goals. The advantage of this method is that project management can be centralized; therefore, the project department can perform contract or project management by analysing the original contract and using project management standards such as PMBOK.

The Project Management Office covers the following activities:

  • Making arrangements to acquire and deliver the necessary bank guarantees.
  • Identifying, evaluating, introducing, and making arrangements with project equipment suppliers and sub-contractors.
  • Identifying and interacting properly with project stakeholders until project completion ?
  • Making the necessary arrangements and managing the correct execution of contracts based on the time schedule and activity descriptions provided by the project WBS
  • Providing the necessary technical documents to obtain the required approvals
  • Analysing and controlling risk in different project execution steps
  • Controlling the project and providing monthly reports
  • Managing the project account settlement process at the end Based on the PMBOK standard, the project management department benefits from state-of-the-art software suites such as Microsoft Project and Primavera to analyse contractual obligations and provide a list showing the sequence of jobs. The above standard and project control software suites can be adopted to monitor, control, and identify relevant problems and activities. The primary tasks of project management and control include identifying weaknesses and setbacks and bottle-necks that could keep the project away from contractual goals and employer requirements. In addition, timely decisions should then be announced and made.